Welcome fellow pets!
Pet Policy

I know you will love Provincetown as much as I do and fortunately Sage welcomes us with open arms. However, there are a few rules to ensure your stay and others is enjoyable.

We are welcome in Classic and Select Rooms only as long as we are well-behaved, leashed, actively treated for ticks and fleas and 35 lbs. or under for the fee of $35 per night with a maximum of $75/stay.

Due to food service regulations, we are not allowed in the inside Lounge. However, we can hang out in the dining area on the outside upper deck. Ask my moms or the Sage staff for referrals to other restaurants with patios that will welcome us. We are also not permitted in guest rooms without our owners, and your owner must contact the front desk to arrange a convenient time for housekeeping services. If we are found to be unattended Sage reserves the right to terminate occupancy.

We must also be fully trained and kept on a leash when in the Inn or on Inn property. Your owner is responsible for cleaning up after you when on Inn property and in the neighborhood.

Additional fees starting at $200 may apply in the event you cause property damage or hardship, including fees incurred by Sage due to disturbance. Sage reserves the right to terminate occupancy without refund if damage or disturbances persist. Guests are responsible for all property damage, hardship and/or personal injuries resulting from you.

Enjoy your stay in Provincetown!

-H. Chad DiCzynski


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